Home Hero

Client. Household goods producer.

Task. Bring the new brand to Amazon US marketplace. Develop brand name, visual identity, packaging, and photos.

Solution. Chores take a lot of time and effort — sometimes a heroic effort! And you sure look like a hero to your little ones. We created the Home Hero brand to thank you and to pay tribute to our local family heroes. We developed a logo, visual identity, packaging design for three products, and manuals. We also created photographs for the Amazon listing.

Home Hero’s packaging was featured on Packaging of the World and World Packaging Design.


Art director
Slava Mishakov
3D visuals
Ilnur Nazyrov
Artem Zaytsev
Product photo and retouch
Boka Su, Alexander Chushev, Dorian Nedzewicz, Ivan Kardashev
Vlad Rafeev
Manual layout
Nikita Kotovsky
Logo tune
Azamat Kodzoev
Anna Rafeeva, Anastasia Zhebyuk

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