Kombucha Hill

Client for this project was Accuraten partner, our brand strategist. He has developed brand platform for product.

Task. To introduce completely new and well known drink at the same time. Russians were drinking kombucha whole last century, but it had different associations. We had to move brand image from grandma mushroom in a jar to something compelling and attractive. To introduce healthy characteristics and natural origin of kombucha.

We had to develop a trademark, that could promote itself, since marketing budget was close to zero. We needed design that had viral potential. Packaging that customers would want to share on social media. Bottle that shop owners would love to showcase on shelves.

Solution. We named brand Kombucha Hill, developed logo and identity. Selected foggy forest as a key visual, which was used in following materials — business cards, dealers presentation, leaflets and social networks. Product was featured on most popular Russian TV channel.

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