Logos & marks

Collection of logos and marks developed for different clients.

Cafe Port-o-Coffe

Karibou Combucha natural drink

Karibou Combucha natural drink

Endless Wave surfing school

Oco wi-fi home camera

Personal logo for surfing celebrity Shumi

Delicacies “Ikorniy Dvor”

Household goods Home Hero

Redesign concept for engineering bureau, company sign

Frozen fish products FROSTO

Fitness-club VIVA

Jewelry brand Krylov

Tortuga water sports festival

Navigation icons for Tortuga water sports festival

Manta Ray сamera equipment

Cottage village “Morskaya Alleya / Sea Alley”

House decor shop illimilli

Cottage village “Zelandiya / Zeland”

Soundaround music festival

Everest Trade, company sign

Strategic development center “Prospect Mira”

Strategic development center “Prospect Mira”, company sign

Kaliningrad federation of water skiing

Broker company GPB Trade, company sign

Reduit restaurant

Designers and calligraphers

Slava Mishakov, Anastasia Zhebuk, Azamat Kodzoev, Ruslan Nos, Ivan Kardashev, Ekaterina Bakirova

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