Privet, Mir!

Client & Product Description

Privet, Mir is a cashback service for cards from the Mir national payment system, which does not depend on the bank. Mir cardholders receive bonuses for purchases through the service, while partner companies can quickly and flexibly customize promotion campaigns.

Privet, Mir is also a sub-brand of Mir, which should increase confidence in the payment system and encourage people to use Mir cards more frequently for purchases and to spend more with their cards.

We helped Privet, Mir develop their brand from scratch and drafted a communication strategy to speak to target groups in their language.

We split the project into three phases: a situational analysis, a communication platform, and strategy. We collaborated with the Privet, Mir team to better understand the new service’s challenges and benefits at every stage of the process.

We delivered the project in cooperation with the Action Agency.


Situational analysis

The market analysis took two months: we interviewed members of the business community and 1500 consumers and carried out a detailed analysis of foreign benchmarks and a comparative analysis of other cashback services. Based on the analyses, we developed a communication platform to record aggregated messages, brand values, and communication filters.

For Privet, Mir, it was important not only to develop the brand but also to define its goals and position in relation to the brand associated with the national payment system, Mir.

Privet, Mir needed an independent motivating force to share power with the Mir brand. The service needed a communication strategy — a concrete plan for the brand to communicate with the target audience.


Communication platform and strategy

The first part of the communication strategy involved attracting an early majority and current Mir card users in receptive regions in Russia. Next, we expanded geographically to attract new target groups.

Eleven target groups were identified with varying degrees of openness to the benefits of the service. For each group, we developed a system of marketing messages and prepared schedules, channels, communication tools, and rules on how to use them. For example, we selected the “Issuer Banks” channel and described how to work on this channel, including describing stickers available at the customer service desk for communicating with bank employees.

The brand uses a communication strategy developed by the agency in advertising campaigns. By February 2020, the Privet, Mir service had launched in 25 regions of Russia. It works with more than 200 partners and has more than 100 offers per month in its range.


  1. Cashback services are often developed for product users – cardholders. To understand how to make the service suitable for businesses, we conducted in-depth interviews with business representatives and top management of federal retail chains.
  2. Before Privet, Mir, there was no cashback program on the Russian market tied not to a specific bank but only to the payment system.
  3. We developed a strategy based on diffusion of innovation, which explains how and why new ideas and technologies spread in different environments. This helped us to identify target groups and spread communication stages among them: each of the 11 target groups refers to “innovators,” “early” or “late majority,” or to “laggards.”


Chief strategist
Alexander Kirikov
Junior analytics
Anastasia Akterskaya, Roman Marfin
Marat Raevskiy


2 months
Situational analysis
2 months
Communication strategy
1 month
Communication platform

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