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The Runa Capital is an international venture fund founded by a team from Russia. In 2019, the fund changed its investment strategy and positioning. Rather than focusing on Eastern European companies, the fund opened offices in California and Berlin, truly entering the global market. This required a redesign of the website.

The challenge

To develop a website to show the success of the companies in which Runa Capital is investing.

The solution

The client had a clear vision of the desired end result, which helped us greatly when working on the project. We turned the structure of the content into an interactive prototype. Based on the existing logo and company colors, we created a style for the website. We helped to hold a photo session for the team.

Check the result

In general, I want to say a huge thank you to your team for their work. It turned out great and the whole team is very happy with the results. Thank you very much once again!

Konstantin Gnyp

an associate at Runa

Art Director
Slava Mishakov
Igor Kaleichik
Client side
Konstantin Vinogradov,
Konstantin Gnyp
Project Manager
Vlad Rafeev
Web developer
Edgar Petrosyan
Special thanks
Tanya von Varchmin

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